Revisiting My Saints/Cards Predictions

20130914-233859.jpgI posted the following before the game yesterday. Not too shabby.

The Saints’ offense will score 35+ points, giving it a much-needed confidence boost.
They scored 31. Close enough.

Cardinals star and former LSU standout Patrick Peterson will return a punt for a touchdown (or cause some kind of similar chaos on a particular play).
I am happy to be wrong about that one.

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer, who frequently pours cement into his shoes before kickoff, will be sacked four times.
Yep, sacked four times.

Saints defender Kenny Vaccaro will intercept a pass.
Vaccaro intercepted his first career pass in the 4th quarter.

Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will order the roasted Cardinal off the halftime menu.
Saints were only up 14-7, so he might have waited on that one.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees will throw a long touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Kenny Stills.
He didn’t.

Cardinals running back Rashard Mendenhall will be held to fewer than 75 rushing yards.
Mendenhall had 9 carries for 29 yards.

At the end of the day the Saints will be 3-0, beating the Cardinals 38-17.
Saints are 3-0. Final score was 31-7…better than I thought.

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