So a guy walks up to the makeup counter…


I’m a Mac guy. And a MAC guy. One deals with computers and the other deals with makeup. I love my computer. The man makeup — not so much.

I hate wearing it, but my job calls for it. I’ve worn it for nearly 20 years and I’m pretty sure I spend more on it than my wife does over the course of a year.

I went to the MAC store at Lakeside tonight to restock and confidently told the lady behind the counter, “NW35 Studio Fix compact.” She said, “Wow. Most men come in here and can’t remember what they want.”

“I’ve been buying this stuff a long time,” I said.

“I hope my husband or boyfriend goes out and buys my makeup like this one day,” she replied.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was for me. I thought it better for her to believe that there are gallant men everywhere who know by heart which shade of makeup their wives wear. I do know this much — my wife would look terrible wearing NW35.

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