Some ungrateful Who Dats should remember the ghosts of Saints’ seasons past

Drew Brees is a bum. He’s overrated. He should be benched. He should get a box of coal for Christmas.

Those statements (and a lot more) were tweeted by real people, who are supposedly real Saints fans, during or after Sunday’s game against the Panthers.

I’m all for criticizing players when their play isn’t up to par, but to scold a guy like Brees in such brazen terms is ridiculous. He is one of the game’s all-time great quarterbacks and is the reason the Saints won their first Super Bowl a few short years ago. He is the reason the Saints are 10-5. He is the reason the Saints are one of the NFL’s elite teams.

No one is perfect. And Brees occasionally has bad days.

A quarterback’s success is directly proportional to the time he has to throw the football. Brees hasn’t had a lot of time to do that this year because pass protection by his offensive line has been nothing short of disastrous. The running game stinks, too… but that’s a story for another day.

Brees has been sacked 36 times in 2013, nine sacks more than the next-highest season total (2005 in San Diego). He’s also been hurried, hit and knocked down more times than he’d like to count. That wears on a quarterback. Numbers like that make a guy like Brees uneasy in his often-unsteady pocket. He’ll rush throws. Linebackers will intercept some passes. But that’s life.

This season, Brees has thrown for 4,781 and 35 touchdowns while completing 68-percent of his passes. He’s a Super Bowl MVP, a perennial Pro-Bowler, has thrown for more yards than all but four quarterbacks in the history of the NFL and holds the single-season yardage record.

In the eight seasons before Brees arrived, the Saints had seven starting quarterbacks. Here are some names that strike fear into Who Dat Nation: Kerry Collins, Danny Wuerffel, Billy Joe Tolliver, Billy Joe Hobert, Jake Delhomme, Jeff Blake and Aaron Brooks. Looking back a little further reveals names like Jim Everett, Doug Nussmeier, Wade Wilson, Mike Buck and Steve Walsh.

Drew Brees is the picture of stability, professionalism, athleticism and greatness. He touches the ball on every play and makes far more spectacular plays than bone-headed ones. Saints fans have to take the good with the bad.

Criticize Brees when he has a bad game and throws a ridiculous pick-six. Criticize Sean Payton when he makes crazy play-calling decisions. Criticize the defense when it blows coverages.

Then get over it.

Remember where this team has been and where it could easily end up again. The Saints have a future Hall-of-Famer at quarterback. Head coach Sean Payton is arguably the best coach in the league.

The Saints will be in the playoffs. Again.

The Saints have won a Super Bowl!

Be grateful for your gifts this Christmas season.


  1. He is the reason there wasn’t enough cap space to keep the O-Line up to snuff.

    • Scott Walker says:

      Yes, that’s one of the problems you have when a future Hall-of-Famer is under center. So your thinking is Brees leaving as a free agent would have been a better outcome for the Saints?

  2. LEAVE THE MAN alone. You win and lose as a TEAM, remember Together Everyone Achieves More. I would like to see the people who are berate ting Drew achieve in their lives what he has achieved. A lot has to do with coaching and prepping your team. Teams watch film and just by the way you line up they can tell who and where the ball is going. Maybe, just maybe the offense could have plays for the first part of the season and a whole new scheme for the second half.

  3. dumb wannabe fans who obviously know nothing about the game and those dudes on the o line were not going to stay either way, they left for the money and the fact that they just didn’t want to be there anymore so get over it

  4. loser mentality

  5. Always A Fan says:

    Even if I disagree with someone’s opinion, they are entitled to it. Just because someone may think Drew Brees is a bum doesn’t make them a bandwagoner.

    I don’t think Drew is a bum personally, but I will always be upset with him that he handicapped my favorite team by holding out for more money during the “Bounty” scandal when the team needed him the most. That huge amount of money that has been paid to him isn’t helping the Saints maintain a good offensive line or pay defensive players. I am a Saints fan and have been as long as I can remember. I am overjoyed that they won a Superbowl. I will root for them until I die. And its this love for the Saints that allows me to have an opinion that may not be popular and still be a fan.

    So, just be careful who you are calling a “bandwagoner” is all I’m saying. No need to question someone’s love for their favorite team just because their opinion doesn’t match yours.

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