Half Marathon, part four

I’m running my fourth half marathon on Sunday and I’ll be honest — I haven’t trained as well for this one. My running schedule has been scattershot and my motivation lacking. This week’s winter weather slowed me down even further. That being said, I’m still optimistic.

My three previous half marathon times are 2:12, 2:08 and 2:28. The 2:28 came at the Children’s Hospital Jazz Half last October. The bad time, according to my logic, was an aberration. Conditions were brutal; it was hot and the humidity was unbearable. Most people I talked to were 15-20 minutes off their best time. Closer to 2:08 is where I am right now (I think), maybe a little faster (probably not), despite the mediocre training.

What I’d like to do is break two hours. Can I find a way to gain an additional eight minutes on race day? Maybe. That crowd and race day adrenaline is worth something. If not, that’s fine. I always enjoy this race and the people watching is great.

On a side note, I’m working election night tonight. Home by 11, in bed by 12:00, up at 4:30 a.m. Sounds awesome.

If you’re along the race course tomorrow, give me a shout.

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