PayPal executive fired after Twitter rant during Jazz Fest


Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal, PayPal’s Director of Strategy, was fired after calling out co-workers on Twitter, including PayPal’s VP of Global Communications who he called a “useless middle manager,” among other choice words. 

After having “the best night of his life” at Jazz Fest last weekend, Agrawal went off the rails.

This tweet from PayPal quickly followed.

Then there’s this from the President of PayPal. He’s not happy.

“Since his tasteless tweets first became public, Rocky has posted positive remarks about myself and other PayPal leaders. Thanks but no thanks, Rocky. When you attack and insult my team, you attack, and insult me and the rest of PayPal.”

Here’s the rest of the statement.

Another career up in flames because of social media carelessness.


  1. Too many downsides to social media. It’s going to continue to get people in trouble.

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