Media | Social Media training at Southern Miss

IMG_0928Hattiesburg, MS – It’s been far too long since I visited this campus. The University of Southern Mississippi was home to me for four great years from 1993-1997. If I didn’t realize how long ago that was, it was hammered home today. Another freshman class is moving in — one that wasn’t alive when I was here. But the feeling in the air is the same — excitement and anticipation. The smells are the same. Heck, some of the people are the same.

I walked around campus and marveled at how much greater it has become in the 17 years since I left. Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, a new campus cafeteria, an improved football stadium and new dorm buildings are some of the highlights. IMG_0933This is a great place and it’ll always be like home for me. I met my wife here and my sister and brother followed me to Hattiesburg. I’m happy to see the experience on campus is constantly improving. I walked out on the football field this afternoon. It, and the stadium, looks fantastic.

Now, the reason I’m here — I’m doing a Media/Social Media training session for new student-athletes tomorrow morning. I look forward to meeting with them.

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