Half marathon recap

IMG_3727I was hoping to beat my personal best of 2:08 at the Rock n Roll half marathon yesterday.

That didn’t happen. And it really wasn’t close.

The first hour was great and I was on pace to beat 2:08. Unfortunately you have to run two hours.

I rolled in at 2:15 after running into trouble during miles 10-13. My hamstrings tightened up a little bit and I think my sickness-induced two-week layoff prior to the race contributed to that. Oh well.

The weather was gorgeous and the crowd along the race course was fantastic. That was my fifth half marathon and my times vary, but I’m pretty consistent: 2:12, 2:08, 2:28, 2:13 and 2:15. The 2:28 was the Jazz Half debacle last October during which much of the field wilted in the heat and humidity. I like to toss that one out.

My family was a great cheering section at the end. That made it all worth it.

Until next time…

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