Council President Jason Williams implements rules and procedures for public comment on Monuments Ordinance

The “Monuments Ordinance,” will be heard at the Thursday, December 17 Special City Council Meeting at 10 a.m. 

Here are the rules and procedures, set by Council President Jason Williams: 

– Comments will be limited to 30 minutes per side. 

– Each speaker will receive 2 minutes to speak.

– No one will be allowed to cede their time to another speaker.

– Speakers will alternate between people for and against the passage of the ordinance.

– The speaker order will be determined by the time-clock stamp on the speaker card.

– The earliest stamped speaker card in opposition to passage will be heard first, immediately followed by the earliest stamped speaker card in favor of passage.

– Speakers will continue to alternate accordingly.

– All speakers must first state their name and address before making their comment.

– The timer will begin once the person begins speaking.

– Anyone who has spoken on the ordinance at a previous meeting, especially the December 10 Committee of the Whole Meeting, is encouraged to allow other people a chance to speak. The Council would like to hear new voices on this issue.

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