Denver, Salt Lake City, Park City and Sundance: thoughts after a long day

Salt Lake City, Utah — 15 hours and roughly 1,500 miles traveled. The day started out bumpy when WDSU chief photographer Megan Mackel and I arrived at the airport and found out our plane tickets didn’t exist. After an hour at the check-in counter and amazing help by a Southwest ticket agent named Susan, we finally got to our gate, boarding passes in hand, with a few minutes to spare… only to find out the flight had been delayed two hours. That meant we’d miss our connection in Denver. We connected with another flight and only arrived in Salt Lake City a couple of hours behind schedule. BUT we had to shoot some daytime video in Park City, the site of the Sundance Film Festival. We got the rental car, drove straight to Park City and got it done. Barely. We got a quick story back for the 10 p.m. newscast Thursday and will have more on Friday.

The reason we’re here — the Steve Gleason documentary and its world premiere on Saturday. Friday night we’ll travel to a private screening for Steve’s family, friends and the filmmakers. After the screening there will be a big post-screening party. A few dozen people are making the trip here from New Orleans. Looking forward to it.


  • We’re staying in Salt Lake City, about 30 miles from Park City. Rooms/houses are ridiculously expensive there. If you get one, congrats. Invite us over.
  • The drive from the Salt Lake International Airport to Park City is breathtaking. Snow-covered mountains galore.
  • Park City is an amazing little place. I want to live there.
  • There’s an avalanche warning in effect for the Salt Lake-area backcountry.
  • When we landed in Salt Lake City we walked from the gate across the airport to baggage claim and were winded. Really winded. That thin air is something 4,000 feet above sea level.




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