WDSU staff up for 21 Press Club awards

WDSU is a finalist in several Press Club of New Orleans awards categories (listed below). The finalists were announced during the Press Club’s annual meeting Monday night. The full list of finalists HERE.

Winners will be announced July 9 at the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center. Tickets for the Excellence in Journalism Awards Gala may be purchased HERE.

WDSU finalists:

Sportscast: Sharief Ishaq

TV Sports Special: Fletcher Mackel, Sharief Ishaq, Randi Rousseau, Saving Our Spirit

Digital Innovation: Clint Durrett, Live Wire

Special Section Digital Media: Clint Durrett, Katrina 10 Years Forward

Best Use of Twitter: Scott Walker

Breaking News Videography: Mark Chapman, Suspicious Fires

Breaking News Videography: Megan Mackel, Gallier Street Shooting

General News Videography: Jeremy Burson, Mississippi 10 Years Later

General News Videography: Dalton Rinehart, Christmas Kid

General News Videography: Dalton Rinehart, Run to Feed the Hungry

Documentary Videography: St Bernard 10 Years Later

Documentary: Chronicle Children of Katrina

Crime: Travers Mackel, City Turns its Back on NOPD Officers

Governmental/Political: Travers Mackel, Mayor’s Secret Emails

Best Talent: Scott Walker

Investigative: Travers Mackel, Bad Cops at Work

General News Reporting: Travers Mackel, Girl in the Attic

Breaking News TV: Search for a Killer (staff)

Weathercast: Kweilyn Murphy, Morning Rough Weather

Newscast: Jaune Jackson (5pm)

Newscast: Marcy O’Leary (4pm)

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