Chiefs head coach Andy Reid raves about Saints’ offensive weapons 

Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy ReidConference Call with New Orleans Media

What do you need to see out of Justin Houston this week for him to play?

“I think the odds are against him (Houston) playing this week. That’s not what I’m looking at, it’s just a matter of him getting back and kind of getting back in the swing of things. I think that would be premature.”


With the trade of Knile Davis, how much does that signal a full workload for Jamaal Charles?

“Yeah, so I mean we rotate the running backs and we’ll probably keep doing that, but I think you’re reading that right. He’s (Charles) is feeling better and he had a pretty good workload last week and held up good.”
When you look at the Saints offense, especially Brandin Cooks, what are some of the challenges you see with him, Willie Snead, Michael Thomas and Coby Fleener and even Josh Hill?

“All those guys you named are good football players and the guy pulling the trigger he’s (Brees) bigtime. He knows how to utilize all of those guys. I followed most of those receivers in college and they’re kind of doing the same thing they did in college. They are really good football players and so like I said Drew (Brees) knows how to get them the ball.”


What is the biggest difference you see in Drew Brees in 2016 compared to the past in 2012 the last time you’ve seen him?

“He hasn’t changed, he’s been great the whole time. There is not a whole lot of a difference. I think when it’s all said and done I think the combination of Sean (Payton) and Drew (Brees) will go down as one of the great head coaching/quarterback combinations that have been. They have been together a long time. They know what each other’s thinking. They are both very talented and you see the production.”


You are 1-3 vs the Saints since 2006, how do you explain that?

“They were pretty good I guess. We’ve had some knockdown drag-outs with them. They’re well-coached and they are a good football team and that part hasn’t changed.”


How often do you use these league issued tablets?

“No, I don’t use them very much, but I know my guys like it. They use it more than what I do.


Is that because some say they don’t work as reliably outdoors and you are primarily in outdoor stadiums playing at Arrowhead and in the AFC West?

I go back there and take a peek at it, but I’m normally pretty good without it. I’m okay, I got it, I normally can see what I need to see and go.”


What is the key to Marcus Peters getting his hands on so many interceptions?

“I think with all good corners they’re instinctive. Are they going to take some chances? Will he take some chances, yes he will do that, but he studies, he loves to play and that normally is (a good combination). He’s got good instincts and good physical skills. I that think all those make up a pretty good corner.”


Are we expecting a hungry pig left play call this weekend at Arrowhead Stadium?

“I don’t think so, you get away with that only once? Right.


Who came up with the Hungry Pig play call? It sounds like something you came up with.

“I’ll probably take credit for that one. Those other guys had a great gameplan, but I’ll claim the hungry pig. That was for all the chubby guys out there.”


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