Longtime WDSU newscast director retires

Joe Riviere, a WDSU mainstay, retired Tuesday after the 6 p.m. newscast. Joe was part of the WDSU News team for 34 years and worked in local television for 47 years. Joe and I were talking before the newscast and estimated that he has directed more than 16,000 newscasts during his career. Joe was there for the station’s biggest moments and helped us successfully navigate everything of which he was a part. On Sept. 14, 2009, Joe was in the control room calling the shots when we debuted WDSU News at 4. Since my arrival more than seven years ago, Joe has been in my ear reminding me where I needed to move in the studio and which camera I needed to look at. He kept us on the rails when we could have easily drifted off .

It was a pleasure working with Joe, a true pro. I’ll miss his booming voice and unforgettable laugh.

Best of luck in a much-deserved retirement.

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