WDSU nabs eight first-place awards from Press Club of New Orleans

The WDSU news team was well represented at the 59th Press Club of New Orleans Excellence in Journalism Awards.

The awards ceremony, held Saturday night at the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center, was highlighted by WDSU chief meteorologist Margaret Orr being recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her more than three decades of work in New Orleans.

Reporter Travers Mackel won the ‘Best Talent’ award for his work during 2016, which included covering the Olympic Games in Rio and the death of former Saints star Will Smith. WDSU anchor Gina Swanson finished second.

Travers Mackel also won first place in the ‘Sports Feature’ category for his story on the Steve Gleason “Puntaversary.”

Meteorologist Kweilyn Murphy was recognized for ‘Best Weathercast’ and producer Marcy O’Leary won first place in the ‘Planned Event’ category for WDSU’s Mardi Gras 2016 coverage.

The station’s “Saints 50th Anniversary Special” took first place in the ‘Sports Special’ category. WDSU’s “Kentucky Derby Special” won third place.

Anchor Scott Walker took first place for the documentary “Steve Gleason: The Journey,” which chronicled former Saints star Steve Gleason’s road from ALS diagnosis to the premiere of his feature-length film at the Sundance Film Festival.

WDSU chief photographer Megan Mackel won the President’s TV Award, which honors the best of the best among videography winners.


Here’s the complete list of WDSU honors:

Sports Action Videography – Megan Mackel (1st)
Sports Feature – Travers Mackel (1st), Fletcher Mackel (3rd)
Sports Special – Fletcher Mackel, Sharief Ishaq (1st), Fletcher Mackel, Sharief Ishaq (3rd)
Planned Event – Marcy O’Leary (1st), WDSU Staff (2nd)
Documentary – Scott Walker (1st)
Lifestyle – Fletcher Mackel (1st)
Best Talent – Travers Mackel (1st), Gina Swanson (2nd)
Weathercast – Kweilyn Murphy (1st), Margaret Orr (2nd)

Breaking News Videography – Dalton Rinehart (2nd)
Documentary Videography – Megan Mackel (2nd)
Visual Storytelling – Alvin Moore (2nd), Megan Mackel (3rd)
General News Videography – Dalton Rinehart (2nd), Dolly Narhi (3rd)
Feature Videography – Dalton Rinehart (2nd)
Digital Innovation – Clint Durrett (2nd)
Sports column – Fletcher Mackel (2nd)
Sportscast – Fletcher Mackel, Sharief Ishaq (3rd)
Station Promotion – Erin Finnegan, Stephen Burke (3rd)
Public Affairs – WDSU Staff (3rd)
Breaking News – WDSU (3rd)
Environment – Heath Allen (3rd)
Political – Travers Mackel (2nd)
Investigative – Travers Mackel (2nd)
General News – Heath Allen (3rd)
Newscast – Vanessa Johnson (3rd), Jaune Jackson (2nd)

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