Video: Scott answers viewer questions about makeup, newscast prep, socks and more

Video: Questions During Commercial Breaks, pt. 1

In today’s series debut, Scott and Camille focus on coffee consumption.

Video: Behind the scenes at 4

Video: Camera operator Neal had a rough weekend

Video: Get to know WDSU, pt. 1

Photos: The studio before the 10

[Video] Inside the WDSU Mardi Gras Broadcast Tent

Scott’s Behind-the-Scenes Fat Tuesday Coverage

Follow all the Fat Tuesday fun from my location at Hotel Intercontinental at the corner of Poydras and St. Charles in the Central Business District. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join the WDSU Live Wire and watch our coverage online at

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Snapped During Fletcher Mackel’s Sportscast

Killing Time During a Commercial Break

The Art of Shooting a Standup, Starring Travers Mackel

WDSU reporter Travers Mackel shooting a standup for his 6 p.m. story…at 5:35. Poetry in motion.

Behind the Scenes: On the Set Before the 10

Living Like Kings (Or Not) During Hurricane Isaac Coverage

[VIDEO] Greatest Movie Trilogy Ever

The debate rages in the WDSU newsroom over which movie trilogy is the best of all time. Weigh in.