Katrina aftermath: My family’s camp in Mississippi destroyed

This is a story I did one week after Hurricane Katrina while working at WPMI, the NBC affiliate in Mobile.

Thornton: Only a few inches separated the Superdome from utter chaos after Katrina

SMG Executive Vice President Doug Thornton, who was inside the Superdome through it all, recounts the close call.

>> Harry Reid Releases Statement, Says He “Misspoke”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, under fire for saying last Friday that Hurricane Katrina “was nothing in comparison” to Hurricane Sandy, released a statement today clarifying his comments. Senator David Vitter also called Reid an idiot. “In my recent comments criticizing House Republicans for threatening to betray Congress’ tradition of providing aid to disaster victims […]

By Comparing Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Sen. Harry Reid Shows He’s Out of Touch

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, thanks to a 10 second YouTube clip (video below), is being skewered across the internet. He compared Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and set off a firestorm of controversy. “When we had that devastating Katrina, we were there within days, taking care of Mississippi, Alabama, and especially Louisiana,” said Reid. “Within […]

Irene Coverage: Screen Shot of My Computer

Live Hurricane Cam: New York City

Check out this Livestream of what’s happening in New York City, which isn’t a whole lot at the moment. But it may get exciting later!  

Stay Connected During a Disaster

Now is a good time to pass along a tip that may be helpful if a hurricane or other disaster affects you. You know your cell phone service will disappear for a while, so texting will be your best bet to stay connected. Text messages use significantly less data than a phone call. Here’s something […]

WDSU Katrina Special

If you missed ‘At a Crossroads: 5 Years Later’ on WDSU, the entire hour is available on our website. The links are below. > At a Crossroads: 5 Years Later (pt. 1) > At a Crossroads: 5 Years Later (pt. 2) > At a Crossroads: 5 Years Later (pt. 3)