Video: Back to Grand Isle (pt. 2 of 3)

Video: Back to Grand Isle (pt. 1 of 3)

Back to Grand Isle

I’m heading back to Grand Isle this morning and will field anchor the 4, 5 & 6 p.m. newscasts from the Bridge Side Marina. Among other things, we’ll look ahead to tomorrow’s Island Aid Festival.

Exclusive: Adam Dillon Speaks Out

The second part of my interview with fired oil spill contractor Adam Dillon aired Monday night on WDSU News at 10. > Watch my first interview with Dillon here.

In the News

> The Gambit’s Alex Woodward writes about media access problems in Grand Isle. I talked to him about my experience on the beach and the run-in with Talon Security. Check out more In the News.

Monday It Is

The second part of my interview with Adam Dillon will air Monday on WDSU News at 10. Again, there is no sinister plot in the works here. A story as complex as this one requires due diligence and we wanted to make sure we did ours. We never considered not airing the story; suggestions to the […]

Story Delay

My story with former BP contractor Adam Dillon, which was scheduled to air Monday night on WDSU News at 10, has been delayed. I’ll post it here when a new air date is scheduled.

Exclusive: Fired BP Contractor Talks

I ran into Adam Dillon on June 11th at Grand Isle beach. He was running shoreline operations on Grand Isle and Elmer’s Island. He described himself to me as a liaison between the media and the BP security contractors we encountered on the beach. At the time, Dillon told me he couldn’t talk on camera […]

Video: Oil Spill XBOX Game

For those who think BP and the government aren’t doing enough to clean up the oil spill, a new video game puts you in charge. Some think it’s a great idea — a way to blow off steam during a depressing situation. Others say they’re not impressed. The ‘Crisis in the Gulf’ video game is available […]

Video: Brian Williams Interview


Monday: Live from Venice

I’ll be reporting live from Venice on Monday’s editions of WDSU News at 4 and 5. Look for updates here and on my Twitter page. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams will also broadcast live from there. We are planning to interview Williams during the 4 p.m. news and shoot a few stories down there as […]

BP Apologizes…Nine Days Later

This apologetic e-mail appeared in my inbox on Sunday, nine days after my story from Grand Isle beach first aired. It’s from BP press officer Robert Wine. While it’s always nice to hear from Mr. Wine, I’d rather hear from Doug Suttles. I’ve e-mailed him several times asking for his thoughts on the direct contradiction of […]

‘Countdown’ Appearance

While vacationing in Orlando with the family the past few days, I received an e-mail from a Countdown with Keith Olbermann producer asking if I’d appear on the MSNBC program last Friday night. I said if they could set up the satellite shot with my former station, WESH, I’d be happy to drive over there […]

Video: Back to Grand Isle Beach

On Tuesday, photographer Nigel Woodberry and I went back to Grand Isle beach to see if anything had changed since our run-in last Friday with Talon Security, the beach watchdogs for BP. To our surprise, things had changed dramatically.

Video: Grand Isle Security Clash

During the time I spent on Grand Isle this week, I realized there was a huge disconnect between the people giving instructions at the top and the people receiving them at the bottom…especially when it involves the media. The beach is a perfect example. No one knows what the hell is going on. I previously […]