The march to Minneapolis begins tonight… in Minneapolis

I don’t know how many people are picking a team with three straight 7-9 finishes to get to the Super Bowl, but I am. Why not? Follow along with me. 

Column: It’s a long season, Who Dats

The defense is young and has several starters out. The offense is trying to find its new identity. A team like this coming together doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen. Will it? Who knows?

Flashback: Sean Payton era began nine years ago today

On January 18, 2006, Saints owner Tom Benson made a hire that would change the direction of his franchise.

Saints’ inconsistent play leaves everyone befuddled

The Saints play the Bears Monday night and I have no idea what will happen. No one does. We’ve all been consistently and pathetically wrong about this team since the opening kickoff.

A few thoughts on Panthers/Saints (Updated)

I’ve gone on record as liking the Saints to win their second straight, 34-17 over the Panthers. Here’s why.

Saints wooing Who Dat Nation after lackluster season

We are being seduced. And we’re falling for it again. Just when we were about to walk away, the Saints have come crawling back to us, begging us to stay.

Saints defense continues getting slapped, but it’ll find the upper hand

At times, the Saints defense reminds me of that old Spike and Chester cartoon.

Saints fans should embrace Aaron Brooks

Today is a day for Saints fans to cheer loudly for Aaron Brooks when his induction into the Saints Hall of Fame is recognized on the field.

Carpe Diem… and get off Drew Brees’ back

Remember now. Enjoy now. Treasure now. Win or lose, a Hall-of-Famer is quarterbacking the franchise with which the Who Dat Nation lives and dies.

Saints’ defense steps up in Carolina, now back to ‘Dome, Sweet Dome’

The monkey is off their collective backs. The Saints won a regular season game on the road, halting a seven-game skid. Everyone can r-e-l-a-x. Relax.

Saints will roll over Panthers

With five of the Saints final eight games at home in the Dome, hitting the 4-4 mark on Thursday is critical. This game is for first place in the underwhelming NFC South and I think the Saints will get it done.

Packers will slip by Saints (Reverse Psychology!)

The Packers are the hottest team in the NFL, winners of four straight. It’s tough to find another quarterback playing better than Aaron Rodgers. The defense will be challenged yet again.

Saints offensive line will be key to victory over Lions

They’re back from the bye week and the Saints will emerge as a new team, right? They’ll be the team everyone expected them to be coming out of training camp — a Super Bowl contender, right?

Week five wrap: After hard-fought win, Saints season still has a pulse

The time had come to pronounce the Saints’ 2014 season dead, but then something mysterious happened.

Saints will tame Cowboys in Dallas

The Saints own them. Sean Payton owns them. The Saints have dominated the series in recent years. THE SAINTS WILL WIN. Sound familiar?