Saints Championship DVD Released

Here are a few links about the Saints’ DVD, Super Bowl XLIV Champions: New Orleans Saints— a two-hour DVD and Blu-Ray disc from NFL Films. :: Saints’ story provides reel-to-reel drama { USA Today } :: New Orleans Saints take to red carpet { Times-Picayune } :: VIDEO – Saints’ DVD release  { }

The Book Has Arrived

iPhone Resurrected

Anyone who followed my journey to the Super Bowl in Miami knows my beloved iPhone drowned in a hotel pond. Almost instantly, I hopped the railing separating my table from the pond and, with the help of a WDSU news photographer sitting next to me, scooped the phone from the depths of the pond. But […]

Super Bowl XLIV Pics

Super Bowl XLIV Check out my behind-the-scenes pictures from our WDSU Super Bowl coverage. Other pics can be found on my PHOTOS page.

New Orleans Makes a Bold Statement

What a five week stretch this has been. It started with the divisional playoff win over the Cardinals on Jan. 16th, continued with the NFC Championship triumph over the Vikings on Jan. 24th and hit a rousing crescendo with the Super Bowl XLIV win over the overrated Indianapolis Colts on Feb. 7th. Then came the […]

SB 44: TP's Interception on Tecmo Bowl

I loved to play Tecmo Bowl on my Nintendo. It was THE game. Looking back, it was so bad and so easy to manipulate. But this is great. Tracy Porter’s Super Bowl-clinching interception immortalized on Tecmo Bowl forever.

On the Field as the Saints Win

If you’re a Saints fan, this is a must-see video. I shot it on my iPhone as the clock ticked down to zero and the Saints won their first Super Bowl title. We charged the field to interview players and I kept the camera rolling. The video is unedited and runs six minutes and 30 […]

More Saints Celebration

Back In Louisiana

The home state of the World Champion New Orleans Saints.

100 Miles to Tally

Gainesville, FL – We’ve been on the road today since about 12:30 eastern and are stopping in Tallahassee tonight. We’re about 100 miles away. What a game last night. I’ll try to get my thoughts down here later tonight. I’ll say this right now — it was one of the most amazing experiences of my […]

SB 44: Postgame Celebration

I shot some incredible video on my iPhone at the Super Bowl last night. I wanted to try to capture the feeling and emotion of the moment. Here’s a sample. I’ll upload more once I get to my computer back home.

Super Sunday

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – I’m updating this morning from the hotel business center because my iPhone took a dive last night into a pond in the lobby. I was chatting with WDSU morning anchor Melanie Hebert when my wife called. As I answered the phone and lifted it to my ear, it slipped through my […]

Heading to the Stadium

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – It’s a great day for a drive, so we’re heading to the stadium to do a site inspection for tomorrow’s broadcasts. Sports anchor Fletcher Mackel, executive producer Rich Kiss and I, still recovering from being denied access to the Kim Kardashian Super Bowl party last night/this morning on South Beach because we […]

SB 44: Who Dat Bus on A1A

Check out the story we did on this at What a sight. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

SB 44: Back to South Beach