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Productive Weekend


Better late than never. Three days behind schedule, our stuff finally arrived at 8:00 this morning.

The Eagle Has Landed

I arrived in New Orleans at 9:30 last night after starting my road trip from Orlando at 10:30 a.m. I stopped in Tallahassee for lunch, Mobile to meet up with a few friends and refueled twice. It was a nice drive (other than a brief Monsoon on the Turnpike) with plenty of alone time to […]

Follow Me Home

I’ll be posting updates and pics from the road on twitter. Follow along here.

Goodbye, Orlando

My final morning newscast yesterday was going well until the last 10 minutes. That’s when it finally hit me. No more Sunrise. No more pre-pre-dawn coffee. No more behind-the-scenes goofing off with some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. More on my last day at WESH/first day at WDSU in the next few […]

Phase Three: Leaving

Well, my house is finally empty. The couple we’re renting it to moves in Saturday, the same day I leave Orlando. Tomorrow is my last day at WESH 2 and I’m looking forward to a fun final ride with the Sunrise/CW18 crew. Four straight hours in the morning is a grind, but the great people […]

Phase Two: Loading

I’m operating on a combined nine hours sleep since Monday, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear the movers were going to be about six hours late yesterday. Turns out it was only five – the 8:30 a.m. arrival became 1:30 p.m. When the crew finally got started, the first thing they […]

Moving Day Perfection

The moving truck and its crew were six hours late. Now it’s pouring outside. Perfect.

Phase One: Packing

Seven hours and 140 boxes later, the packing is done. Everything will be loaded onto the truck tomorrow. Four days left on WESH mornings. Reality is beginning to set in.

Busy Weekend

We’re trying to fit a lot into our last weekend in Orlando. Big surprise. Today I’m taking my 3-year-old to Kennedy Space Center for the first time, then a going-away party is tonight before a final trip (for now) to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow. Wish me luck. The movers pack up Monday, load up Tuesday, […]

Back in Orlando

Back to work tomorrow after the action-packed New Orleans weekend. This week I’m filling in at 4, 5, 6 and 11, then it’s back to WESH 2 News Sunrise for my final week in Orlando. Tonight we finally finalized plans to rent a house in the New Orleans area. Huge relief.

NOLA Weekend

Heading to New Orleans for a weekend full of house hunting and promo shooting. My suit bag is a disaster. One too many flights. I don’t think it’ll make it back with me.

New Orleans Visit

Finalized plans today to make a quick trip to NOLA soon to shoot some promos. The next four weeks are going to be packed and there is still much to do here in Orlando. My first day at WDSU is August 24th; the new 4 p.m. news debuts September 14th.

One Down, One to Go

Good news on the homefront in Orlando: We rented our house for a year. Hopefully the market improves a bit during that time and we’ll try to sell it again next August. It wasn’t my goal to become a landlord, but it’s better than eating the mortgage payment indefinitely. Now we just need to nail […]