Today’s Edition of Wacky Viewer Mail

This one doesn’t really come from a viewer since, according to the message, she doesn’t live in this country. But I’m sure she would watch if she lived here, since she thinks I would be of great assistance to her. Anyway, here it is…via my Facebook page.

Today’s Edition of Crazy Viewer Mail

Always fear the handwritten letters.

Viewer Email of the Day: Saints

Today’s gem comes from someone who clearly is not a Saints fan. I do not think the saints players should have been reinstated.The courts had no right to over rule the NFL’s decision.Just look at the playoff films during their superbowl run and you can see the late and dirty hits.We feel the only reason […]

Wacky Viewer Mail

Today’s installment is the first to arrive in DVD form. Interesting…

Viewer Email of the Day

scott,i would like to know why you have to play any part whatsoever in the sports reporting portion of the broadcast.i do not see any other newescasters on the other two major stations doing what you do.i think that you should stick to the local newscast and leave the sport reportig of the show to […]

Viewer Email of the Day

This comes from the same viewer who sent the email on August 7th…two posts below. Another gem. I am sick and tired of every news broadcast tell us about what we should or should not eat.people are fat because they are lazy not the food we eat.Parents are just as lazy because they let kids […]

Viewer Email of the Day

This followed a story about how potential employers could think you’re sketchy if you’re NOT on Facebook. Study HERE. Winning email below. I was watching your four oclock news story on people using facebook.This is what is wrong with people today. Wasting their time on things like facebook and my space instead of doing things […]

Irate Viewer Email of the Day

“Thanks for reading that propaganda, regarding the healthcare bill, exactly as the administration and Democratic stooges wrote it, You are a fool, naieve, or scared for your job. Probably all three! Thanks jackass!!”