Les Miles Digs in His Ear

A ton of failed gambles by LSU coach Les Miles aside, there was this gem captured for the internets to enjoy for all eternity.

83-Year-Old Does Keg Stand at LSU Game

This, my friends, is your video of the day.

[VIDEO] Man Interviews 12-Year-Old Self

Filmmaker Jeremiah McDonald, now 32, recorded half an interview when he was 12 and left the VHS tape for his future self. He recently completed the other half of the conversation and now has a full-blown interview of 32-year-old McDonald talking to 12-year-old McDonald. This is likely the best video you’ll see all day.

[VIDEO] The Most Awkward Reporter in the World

This guy, Kyle, has built a rather large following on YouTube because of his awkwardness. In the clip below, Kyle covers the Miami Heat’s championship parade. He interviews a bunch of people on the street who seem oblivious to his ridiculousness…except for reporter Kevin Ozebek from WSVN-TV in Miami.

[VIDEO] Reporter Upstaged by Rooster

WJAR-TV (Providence, RI) reporter Katie Davis was recording a standup when a rogue rooster charged her and nipped at her leg. Funny stuff.

The Mobile Leprechaun: Six Years Later

Believe it or not, six years have passed since one of the first YouTube viral videos was born. There are kindergartners who weren’t even a thought in their parents’ minds when the story first aired. With around 25 million combined views (more than 20 million on the original video from 2006), the Mobile Leprechaun video is one of the most-viewed […]

[VIDEO] Now THIS is a Unique Way to Quit a Job

“Joey” quit his room service job at a hotel in grand fashion…with the help of a band.

The Mobile Leprechaun on Tosh.0

The Mobile Leprechaun is back for more glory (did it ever go away?), this time on Tuesday’s new episode of Tosh.0. Up until last week, I hadn’t heard of the show. Apparently it’s pretty popular. And I live under a rock. Tosh.0 is launching a “web investigation“ to search for a Leprechaun in Mobile as the […]

Video: The ‘Special Man’ Goes National

The original Frankie and Johnny furniture commercial was shot in 1989, but Conan O’Brien just discovered it. Now, the ‘Special Man’ has gone viral.

A Day for Leprechauns

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the day each year that brings the Mobile Leprechaun back to life. I hear about it throughout the year, but this is the day that brings the most attention to the YouTube sensation born in March 2006. With nearly 18 million views on the original leprechaun video, about 4 million […]

Video: Ted Williams Intros Today Show

The power of the internet is amazing. Ted Williams’ life has done a 180 in the past 48 hours. The original YouTube video featuring the homeless Williams pandhandling and showing off his voice in Columbus, Ohio has climbed to more than 12 million views. This morning, Williams appeared for a couple of lengthy interviews on […]

Golden-Voiced Homeless Man Trying to Get Back on Track

This guy’s pipes are awesome. He’s in Columbus, Ohio and, according to his sign, is an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. He says he’s two years clean after falling into a life of drugs and alcohol. This video has gone viral…and is worth a look. Here’s hoping he lands a second chance.