A look back at my stops in local news over nearly 23 years

This is what happens when you start looking at old pictures.

WESH Live Truck Accident

A close call for a couple of my former co-workers in Orlando. Reporter Greg Fox and videographer Frank Burt were stuck inside a WESH live truck at a 45 degree angle after its mast got stuck under an I-4 overpass near the TV station. Both men eventually got out safely. Burt said he cleared another […]

Extra-Early Morning News

The morning news at WESH in Orlando, my former station, now begins a half-hour earlier at 4:30 a.m. Today was the first day of the new start time. My former colleagues are the first to start their newscast at that time in a very competitive news market. I suspect at least one other station won’t […]

WESH Takes 11 p.m. in February

A nice 11 p.m. ratings win in February for my friends at WESH in Orlando. Congrats! WESH had the edge in the 25-to-54 age group, which is most important to news advertisers. WESH averaged 46,900 viewers to WFTV’s 42,100, WKMG’s 35,400 and WOFL-Channel 35’s 18,500.

Super Bowl XLIV Pics

Super Bowl XLIV Check out my behind-the-scenes pictures from our WDSU Super Bowl coverage. Other pics can be found on my PHOTOS page.

Orlando Visitor

One of my former WESH co-workers, Sunrise producer Jon Carlisle, stopped by the WDSU studios last night for a visit and after-work get together Uptown. Jon was passing through New Orleans en route to the Arkansas/LSU game in Baton Rouge today. It was great seeing Jon and his fiancee’ Gina. Poor girl gets dragged across […]

The WESH Crew

I’m finally getting around to posting this group picture from my last day at WESH. I’ve talked and written a lot about the great morning crew I got to work with every day. Here they are, in the flesh.

WESH Goodbye

Near the end of my final morning newscast at WESH, my former co-anchor Syan Rhodes gave me an alarm clock and hammer as a going-away gag gift. I’m not sure she thought I’d smash it on live TV, but I did. And it was fun. Watch the video here.

Shuttle Launch

For the first time in two years (and from three states away) I watched a space shuttle launch from indoors. It felt strange. WESH covers launches and the days leading up to them extensively. It was fun to be a part of that kind of “big coverage” every time one went up. Reporter Dan Billow […]

New Newscast @ 10

Beginning Aug. 31, WESH 2 News will produce a 30 minute, 10 p.m. newscast that will air seven days a week on WKCF, our CW sister station. Exciting stuff. All of a sudden, that 10 p.m. race is packed with competition. I like our team’s chances. Jim, Martha, Tony and Guy are the best in […]

Busy Weekend

We’re trying to fit a lot into our last weekend in Orlando. Big surprise. Today I’m taking my 3-year-old to Kennedy Space Center for the first time, then a going-away party is tonight before a final trip (for now) to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow. Wish me luck. The movers pack up Monday, load up Tuesday, […]

Friday Photo Op

A final picture with the WESH 11 p.m. team.

Winding Down

I’ll anchor the 4 ,5, 6 and 11 on WESH for the final time today. I always enjoy filling-in at night because (a) I get to sleep in and (b) it’s a lot of fun working with Martha and Tony. I’ll miss them. Next week I’m back on WESH 2 News Sunrise for the final […]

New Video

I just added a new video clip from one of WESH 2’s great promo writers/producers Paul Chaplin. Check out the 2008 year-ender in the VIDEO section and snoop around on Paul’s new website while you’re at it.

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