A look back at my stops in local news over nearly 23 years

This is what happens when you start looking at old pictures.

Katrina aftermath: My family’s camp in Mississippi destroyed

This is a story I did one week after Hurricane Katrina while working at WPMI, the NBC affiliate in Mobile.

The Mobile Leprechaun: Nine years later, we still haven’t found da gold

Nine years ago, the Mobile Leprechaun was born. It was one of YouTube’s first viral videos and the original has amassed more than 24 million views. I had the distinct pleasure of introducing the story and it’s been down hill ever since.

It could be a crackhead! The Mobile Leprechaun turns eight

Eight years ago this month, the Mobile Leprechaun was born. It was one of YouTube’s first viral videos and the original has amassed more than 23 million views.

The Mobile Leprechaun on Tosh.0

The Mobile Leprechaun is back for more glory (did it ever go away?), this time on Tuesday’s new episode of Tosh.0. Up until last week, I hadn’t heard of the show. Apparently it’s pretty popular. And I live under a rock. Tosh.0 is launching a “web investigation“ to search for a Leprechaun in Mobile as the […]

A Day for Leprechauns

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the day each year that brings the Mobile Leprechaun back to life. I hear about it throughout the year, but this is the day that brings the most attention to the YouTube sensation born in March 2006. With nearly 18 million views on the original leprechaun video, about 4 million […]

The Mobile Leprechaun: Background

One of the questions I’m always asked when people realize I’m one of the news anchors who introduced the Mobile Leprechaun story is, “Was that a real news story?” The answer is yes and no. More on that in a moment. With more than 20 million combined views (more than 17 million on the original […]

Leprechaun Christmas

As many of you know, I am one-half of the news anchor duo that introduces the now-infamous Mobile Leprechaun story. Since it first aired in March 2006 on WPMI, my former station, the story has taken on a life of its own. Consider this: The original YouTube video has eclipsed 12 million views, earlier this year Bill […]

Billboard Snafu Leads to Suspensions

WPMI-TV in Mobile, the station where I worked from 2000-2007, has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. The news director and general manager were suspended for a week without pay after this picture began making the rounds on the internet. Mistake to learn from? Yes. Week-long suspensions for the ND and […]

The Mobile Leprechaun Lives On

Usually I only hear about this story a few times a year outside of St. Patrick’s Day. Along with former co-anchor Nikole Patrick, I introduced the story during a newscast. We are forever linked to the legend that has become a YouTube phenomenon (more than 10 million views). Last night I heard from several people […]

Local to LIVE! Update

I wrote yesterday about two of my friends being up for the guest co-hosting gig next month on LIVE! With Regis and Kelly. The male and female selections were announced on this morning’s LIVE! and both Lucy Bustamante (WWL-TV, New Orleans) and Sandra Shaw (WBAL-TV, Baltimore) were selected. Congrats! Here’s a Sandra flashback from Halloween […]