Exclusive: Adam Dillon Speaks Out

The second part of my interview with fired oil spill contractor Adam Dillon aired Monday night on WDSU News at 10. > Watch my first interview with Dillon here.

Monday It Is

The second part of my interview with Adam Dillon will air Monday on WDSU News at 10. Again, there is no sinister plot in the works here. A story as complex as this one requires due diligence and we wanted to make sure we did ours. We never considered not airing the story; suggestions to the […]

Story Delay

My story with former BP contractor Adam Dillon, which was scheduled to air Monday night on WDSU News at 10, has been delayed. I’ll post it here when a new air date is scheduled.

Exclusive: Fired BP Contractor Talks

I ran into Adam Dillon on June 11th at Grand Isle beach. He was running shoreline operations on Grand Isle and Elmer’s Island. He described himself to me as a liaison between the media and the BP security contractors we encountered on the beach. At the time, Dillon told me he couldn’t talk on camera […]