NFL Statement on Sean Payton’s Reinstatement as Saints Head Coach

Following a meeting yesterday with New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, Commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated Coach Payton from his season-long suspension, effective immediately. Coach Payton acknowledged in the meeting his responsibility for the actions of his coaching staff and players and pledged to uphold the highest standards of the NFL and ensure that […]

Sean Payton: “I Clearly Recognize That Mistakes Were Made”

Saints head coach Sean Payton, exiled from the team for the duration of the 2012 season because of his role in the team’s bounty scandal, was reinstated Tuesday morning by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Payton’s suspension initially covered the entire 2012 season and he wasn’t due for reinstatement until after the Super Bowl on February […]

Sean Payton Saga

I don’t pretend to know the details of Sean Payton’s personal life. I don’t know what’s true and what’s false. I do know this: I feel for the man. Has he made mistakes? Sure. We all have. But right now he’s going through a low point in his life probably unlike any other. Payton was […]

Payton Begins Suspension

Saints head coach Sean Payton begins his season-long suspension today. We’ll see him again (other than on bongos at Jazz Fest) after the Super Bowl. Time for the Joe Vitt era to begin…at least until the season opener. During Vitt’s six-game banishment, offensive line coach Aaron Kromer will likely run the team, according to ESPN’s […]

Parcells to Saints?

ESPN is reporting that Saints head coach Sean Payton has approached former NFL head coach Bill Parcells about serving as the Saints’ interim coach during his year-long suspension. Payton’s suspension begins April 1. Some may argue that the Saints have perfectly capable in-house candidates to serve in the interim head coach role (offensive coordinator Pete […]

Saints’ Bounty Scandal

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell dropped the hammer on the Saints on Wednesday, I was about to eat lunch with my 6-year-old at his school. I had been waiting for the decision to come down all morning and was constantly checking Twitter for the first sliver of news. As I was waiting at the cafeteria, […]

NFL’s Statement on Saints’ Bounty Punishment

Commissioner Roger Goodell notified the New Orleans Saints today of the discipline that will be imposed on team management for violations of the NFL’s long-standing “bounty” rule that endangered player safety over a three-year period.