Five Questions With Miami Morning Anchor Josh Benson

Josh Benson always wanted to be in TV News. As a kid he used desks, sheets and lamps to produce newscasts on home video. Twelve years after college and many productions later, Josh is equipped with much better technology at the CBS affiliate in Miami.

[Video] Super Bowl XLVII: Behind the Scenes As the Lights Went Out

It’s amazing how calm everyone stayed in the heat of the moment. Doug Thornton, executive vice president of SMG, the company that manages the Superdome on behalf of the state, was noticeably concerned though. “Frank, we lost the A feed.” He then swallows hard.

CBS Uses Old Superdome Photo for Super Bowl XLVII Promo

Come on, CBS. The Superdome has been wearing its beautiful new skin for nearly THREE YEARS. I took the above screen capture from a promo for ‘The Talk’ that’s airing now, previewing live shows here all next week in Jackson Square. And this is the shot they use. The Superdome obviously looks much better now, […]

How to Beat 'Today' — Maybe

An interesting read in this morning’s New York Times: David Carr tackles the topic of CBS trying to beat the Today Show with its latest sweeping anchor changes…and what an insurmountable task it is. So, he suggests doing things differently. Very differently. If Mr. McManus wants to do something “dramatic,” why not throw a bomb […]