Week four wrap: Lack of big plays, consistency haunt Saints in Dallas

The Saints are not a good football team. Not now, maybe not the rest of the season. The group of highly-paid stars on defense is underperforming in a big way.

Saints will tame Cowboys in Dallas

The Saints own them. Sean Payton owns them. The Saints have dominated the series in recent years. THE SAINTS WILL WIN. Sound familiar?

Cowboys Fan Questions the Resolve of Saints Fans

This was posted on my Facebook page by a friend of mine who is a Cowboys fan (I know, I know). Here is my response: There is a small segment of bandwagon fans, but I think the majority of people who call themselves Saints fans are real fans who have been through the thick and […]

Why Sean Payton Will Stay in New Orleans

Saints head coach Sean Payton is the subject of more speculation this morning. And it involves the Dallas Cowboys again.
ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the NFL voided the last year of Payton’s contract because of certain language that didn’t fly with the league, which could make Payton a free agent coach at the end of this season. The operative word is could because the league will have to determine if this season counts as a year toward Payton’s contract since he will end up being suspended for the majority of it.

While Schefter’s news has created a media firestorm on an otherwise lackluster NFL Sunday, I think it’ll end up being much ado about nothing. First, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett still has a job. He would need to be fired for there to even be an opening in Dallas. If Garrett takes the Cowboys to the playoffs (which he should), he will not be fired. Second, I don’t believe Payton would trade what he has in New Orleans for what he would have in Dallas. Third, I don’t believe Payton would go anywhere else and start over when he has Drew Brees, Darren Sproles and all their friends waiting for him.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much for which to be thankful. For me, it starts with good health, a great wife and two wonderful boys. My parents and my wife’s are all nearby and help us out a great deal. I’m thankful for a great job in my hometown and feel it is a privilege to deliver […]

Vikings/Saints in NFC Title Game

The NFC Championship game is set. By thumping the Dallas Cowboys 34-3, the Minnesota Vikings earned a trip to the Superdome on Sunday. Kickoff is 5:40 p.m. Here’s a nugget tweeted out by the NFL: Favre’s 1st career game against Saints-11/14/93. Pack wins, 19-17 @ Superdome. 18 of 32, 150 yards, 1 TD pass.

Gameday: Saints on 6

Don’t miss the WDSU “Saints on 6” hour-long pregame show tonight from the Louisiana Superdome. Sports anchors Fletcher Mackel and Keli Fulton will anchor our coverage from outside the Dome while I do live hits from the field. Tune in — 6 p.m. on WDSU. I’ll once again provide live updates from the dome in […]