Watch: Scott’s Clumsy iPad Fumble

Norman and I had just executed our nightly tease one fist bump during the 10 when on my walk to the set, my iPad brushed my leg and hit the floor. Not wanting to draw attention to my clumsiness, I looked at it and kept walking…like it was all part of the plan.

From Paper Scripts to iPads

This past week, we started the transition from paper scripts for our newscasts to electronic scripts via iPads. I have no idea how much paper we’re going to save, but it will be a huge amount. The iPads make life a lot easier, too. No more printing new scripts during the newscast. Breaking news and […]

NY Post App Should Inspire Times-Picayune

During this transition period at the Times-Picayune, I’d love to see the paper’s iPad app mirror what the New York Post has done. It’s basically a digitized version of the paper. There are a number of subscription options, from $9.99 a month to $99.99 a year. I’d happily pay for a digital version of the […]

iPad Review

At first I wasn’t crazy about the iPad. I couldn’t justify adding it to my tech arsenal considering I already had an iPhone, desktop PC and a laptop. Where would it fit in? After I played around on it for a second time, I realized the device was too cool not to have. And I […]