NBC’s Jay Gray joins Scott from Baltimore

Jay talks about the protests in Baltimore, his extensive travel, his love of Louisiana, the Saints, LSU and more.

My Interview With Law & Order: SVU’s Kelli Giddish

Kelli talks about the highly-anticipated season 15 premiere, what’s ahead this season and how the cast is trying to make a difference.

Watch: Katrina Aftermath — My Family’s Camp Destroyed

One week after Hurricane Katrina, I visited where my family’s camp in Clermont Harbor, Mississippi once stood.

Guest Post: 10 Tips for Breaking Into Broadcast News

Chris Pollone is a freelance correspondent for NBC News Channel. Prior to moving to New York City he worked at the NBC affiliate in Birmingham, Ala. for 11 years. Today, he shares his 10 tips for breaking into broadcast news:

Former Alabama reporter gives up a lot, gains a lot in move to New York City

You’d think that standing on 5th Avenue, just yards from the Empire State Building, with police, tourists and business people swarming everywhere, would drive home the reality that I was finally reporting on the nation’s biggest stage.

From Rome: Five Questions With NBC Correspondent Jay Gray

Jay Gray is a correspondent for NBC News and has been with the network for 10 years. He grew up on the sidelines of LSU football games, started his career as a newspaper reporter, landed his first TV job in Lafayette and worked at the NBC affiliate in Dallas before getting his current job.

[VIDEO] Ann Curry’s Tearful TODAY Farewell

TV Critic Ed Bark nails what many were probably thinking while watching Ann Curry say goodbye this morning. Matt Lauer has been widely reported as the main reason for Curry’s ouster and her body language spoke volumes. A note on Bark’s review: It was Natalie Morales on the couch with Matt, Al and Ann, not Savannah Guthrie.

Matt Lauer, King of Morning Television

Matt Lauer has anchored the ‘Today’ Show for 17 years, longer than any other person. And he’ll be in his chair at least a few years longer after agreeing to a new, multi-year contract worth an estimated $25 million a year. “The only question was whether he wanted to continue to do the job and […]

Matt Lauer Staying at ‘Today’

Matt Lauer will stick around to co-host ‘Today’ on NBC for a long time. On this morning’s show, Lauer announced the signing of his long-anticipated new contract. Lauer has been a fixture on ‘Today’ since 1994 and the show has been number one since 1995. Often when you see people on TV, then meet them, […]

[VIDEO] Fire Alarm Interrupts NBC Nightly News

For much of Tuesday night’s ‘NBC Nightly News’ broadcast, a fire alarm loudly invaded Brian Williams’ sanctuary. Ever the pro, Williams stayed focused and kept his cool for about 20 minutes. Here’s what happened off the top of the broadcast. Williams anchored a separate ‘Nightly’ broadcast for West coast viewers.

How to Beat 'Today' — Maybe

An interesting read in this morning’s New York Times: David Carr tackles the topic of CBS trying to beat the Today Show with its latest sweeping anchor changes…and what an insurmountable task it is. So, he suggests doing things differently. Very differently. If Mr. McManus wants to do something “dramatic,” why not throw a bomb […]

Video: Brian Williams Interview


NBC: Jay Leno is Done in Primetime

NBC is now confirming what numerous news outlets have reported for days. Jay Leno’s primetime show, The Jay Leno Show, will go off the air when the Olympics begin next month. TMZ.com reports Leno will take over Conan O’Brien’s time slot — at least for the first half hour. NBC chairman Jeff Gaspin added that he wants […]

New Orleans Ratings Race

The Times-Picayune’s Dave Walker writes today about the recently-completed November ratings period. Here’s one paragraph of note: WDSU, otherwise saddled with NBC’s mostly lame prime-time, can claim success for its new 4 p.m. newscast, growing ratings a bit in the time slot from a 3.5 average for “Judge Judy” in November 2008 to a 3.6 […]