Saints Coverage: Headlines

Here’s a sampling of some headlines the day after the Saints pounded the Giants on Monday Night Football.

Saints on 6: Darren Sharper Joins the Team

Former Saints safety and five-time Pro Bowler Darren Sharper will join WDSU’s ‘Saints on 6’ coverage, beginning with Monday night’s home game against the New York Giants. Sharper joins sports anchors Fletcher Mackel and Chris Miles and former Saints head coach Jim Mora (and me, reporting from the field) for our pregame and postgame shows. Sharper is a free-agent who is […]

The Payoff II

Here’s the aftermath of the Saints/Giants bet. WDSU News at 4 executive producer Rich Kiss looks on dejectedly. We dropped it from a balcony, hit it with a sledgehammer and rolled over it with a truck. It was actually pretty resilient and held up well considering what it went through. The Giants doll, pre-destruction, is […]

The Payoff

The Saints slaughtered the Giants today in the Superdome. Rich Kiss, executive producer of WDSU News at 4, is a Giants fan. That’s unfortunate for him. He was convinced the Giants would win; I knew the Saints would win. So on Friday we made an on-air bet (see post below for video). Since the Giants […]