Week one wrap: Saints defense blew it against Falcons

The Falcons never really had a chance. At least that’s how it looked this storyline would play out after almost two quarters. But we know better. This is Saints/Falcons. All the games are close.

Roddy White: “We Gave It To Them”

The Saints beat the Falcons 31-27, but don’t look for the team’s loquacious wide receiver to give the black and gold any credit. “It’s not like they just came out here and just won the game. I kind of think we gave it away, we gave it to them.” More of this priceless interview HERE. […]

Saints Return to Playoffs

The Saints are back in the playoffs. That hasn’t happened in back-to-back seasons since 1991-92. The defending Super Bowl champs served noticed to the Falcons and the rest of the NFL that they are still a force to reckoned with, still a team on a mission. Drew Brees, bouncing back from two confounding fourth quarter […]