The social media aftermath of Michael Sam being drafted

First it was a former NFL player, then a current player… and now former Ole Miss basketball player Marshall Henderson has chimed in.

NFL draft proves some are still clueless about the power of social media

Leave it to the NFL draft to bring out the worst in some current and retired NFL players.

PayPal executive fired after Twitter rant during Jazz Fest

After having “the best night of his life” at Jazz Fest last weekend, Rakesh Agrawal went off the rails.

Twitter duel: Saints block Seattle TV station

It looks like Seattle’s KIRO 7 Eyewitness News tried to follow the Saints on twitter. No such luck.

Twitter Analyzed: The Farther Away We Are, The Happier We Are

Some brainy people at the University of Vermont studied “37 million tweets from 180,000 individuals in 2011 that also gave their location. They then characterized the movement associated with each individual.”

When Did You Join Twitter? Find Out Here

Ever wonder when you decided to take the Twitter plunge? I stumbled upon this website, which shows your start date in an instant. I joined Twitter on September 21, 2008..1,569 days ago. It seems like it was just yesterday.

Another Social Media Misstep: Donald Trump’s Twitter Tirade

Twitter is a very powerful tool. And the more followers a person has, the more powerful it is. Lady Gaga has 31 million followers. President Obama has 23 million. Ellen DeGeneres has 14 million. Twitter provides a large audience. One misfired tweet can cause a firestorm of controversy and billionaire Donald Trump is the latest […]

WDSU’s Isaac Coverage and You

During our Hurricane Isaac coverage, I (along with my co-anchors) appreciated all the info provided by our viewers. I apologize for not being able to respond to everyone. I read all the messages, posts, emails and comments, but between FB and twitter, it was impossible for me to keep up, despite my best efforts. Thanks […]

Saints Fans Love to Tweet

Saints fans stand out when it comes to tweeting. Engineers from Rice University and Motorola Mobility are monitoring each NFL team this season in the Twitterverse. The results? The Dallas Cowboys are the top-tweeted team during games, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints. Saints fans tweet about nine times per […]

Stay Connected During a Disaster

Now is a good time to pass along a tip that may be helpful if a hurricane or other disaster affects you. You know your cell phone service will disappear for a while, so texting will be your best bet to stay connected. Text messages use significantly less data than a phone call. Here’s something […]

The WDSU Team on Twitter

Here’s an updated list of the WDSU gang on Twitter, not including me. WDSU News: @WDSU WDSU News at 4: @WDSU4PM News Anchor Camille Whitworth: @CamilleWhit6 News Anchor Norman Robinson: @NormanRobinson1 News Anchor Melanie Hebert: @MelanieHebert Reporter Siemny Chhuon: @Siemny Reporter Travers Mackel: @TraversMackel Chief Meteorologist Margaret Orr: @MargaretOrr Meteorologist Jay Galle: @JayGalle Meteorologist Patrick […]

Twitter Promo Shoot

Our new Twitter promo is now running on WDSU. Look for it! This is Randi Rousseau and I outside Avenue Cafe on St. Charles. Cool place.

Online Super Bowl Coverage

The WDSU Super Bowl team will have extensive coverage all week on Twitter, Facebook, Once I leave Tuesday, I’ll be blogging and posting video here as well. These WDSU tweeps are already in Miami: Executive producer Rich Kiss | @rgk224 Sports anchor Fletcher Mackel | @FletcherMackel Sports anchor Keli Fulton | @KeliFulton News videographer […]

Sean Payton Twitter Imposter

A bogus tweeter started the @Sean_Payton twitter account and proclaimed it to be “the official twitter account of Sean Payton, Head Coach of the New Orlean Saints.” That raised one eyebrow, then it linked to, which doesn’t exist. His real foundation website is here. A number of people fell for the ruse; the account […]

Saints Gameday

Monday night. Patriots/Saints. The Superdome. It’s the biggest game of the season, and possibly the biggest in franchise history. Can’t wait. Be sure to watch the WDSU pre and post-game shows, as well as the game on WDSU. Coverage begins at 6 p.m live from the Superdome. Check back here throughout the evening for updates […]