Addressing the Scott Walker Confusion

Mistaken Identity: The Best Election Night Tweets

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won the recall election in his state Tuesday night. After the result became clear, the fun started on my Twitter timeline. Here are some of the best election night tweets.

The Other Scott Walker

This has been humorous for me more than anything, people confusing me with the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. It’s been going on for some time now, but heated up last year when I spent a week in Green Bay covering the Saints/Packers season opener. I get a lot of traffic from Wisconsin on this […]

Tweet of the Week

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker faces a recall election on Tuesday. I merely face a day of anchoring the news at WDSU. Another case of mistaken identity. Follow me, the other Scott Walker, on Twitter HERE. Follow Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker HERE.

PackerPlex: AP First Place Sports Feature

My story on the PackerPlex in Green Bay, Wisconsin (across the street from Lambeau Field) won first place in the Sports Feature category at the Louisiana Associated Press Broadcasters Association Awards today in Baton Rouge. I loved writing this story. Since I was short on interviews, we made use of powerful visuals and as much natural […]

Attention Wisconsin!

My open letter to the people of Wisconsin: Dear Wisconsinites, I had a chance to spend time in your great state last September. I was in Green Bay for the Saints/Packers season-opener and was very impressed with your hospitality. But I did, in fact, leave. I’ve only been in your state one other time, and that […]

I'm Not THAT Scott Walker…

But all the traffic coming into this website from Wisconsin would almost make one think otherwise. I’m Scott Walker, news anchor. He’s Scott Walker, governor. Things at my job are going pretty well. His…not so much.

Yes, It's Cold

Sure, this isn’t “cold” by Minnesota or Wisconsin standards. But it’s cold by my standards. A low of 24 today? A low of 26 tomorrow? Come on. I lived in Orlando the past two years. I don’t even have a good winter coat. I’m wearing double socks and avoiding the outdoors while some people are […]